Friday, August 17, 2012

A little about me...

In deciding to write this blog, I felt as though it's rather important for the readers to know a little about me to understand my views. Reading an opinion-based post isn't the easiest thing to get through without knowing the source of the writing.

I was born and raised in Delaware County, PA. I have spent most of my years in underprivileged, poor neighborhoods and areas. My father was in and out of prison for 20 years, but hasn't been back for roughly 10 years. Being raised in a rough family himself, he wasn't the easiest dad to have. He and my mother have both struggled with substance abuse. They are both bleeding heart, liberals who think you are the spawn of the devil if you even contemplate the Republican party. You can thank them for the argumentativeness.

Leaving my parents' home at 19, I moved into an apartment with my then girlfriend, turned fiancé, now wife, Tina. She and her family are mostly far right-wing Republicans, which was refreshing at first. But like the bleeding liberals I dealt with, they are very set in their ways and opinions. My wife is a lot like myself: fair, but stubborn. We listen to all sides and deduce our own opinion on whatever the topic may be. We both aren't religious in any way. She believes in something up there, but I believe in the idea of reincarnation and working towards having a perfect existence. Religion and politics obviously aren't anyone's favorite topic, but I do enjoy hearing other's interpretations and outlooks. I also have tattoos and support the art of tattoos and I am strongly against discrimination of them.

That was just a little bit about who you are reading and hopefully you are still interested in reading my posts!!

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