Saturday, August 18, 2012

No More Obama

So, to kick off my controversial news blog, we will start with what I believe is the WORST president in recent memory. I am not a far right winger nor am I a democrat but I will gladly be whatever the opposite of Obama is. This topic is usually fun to talk with being as how half of my wife and I's family is completely democrat and the other republican. Being the indecisive one when it comes to politics, I always end up in the middle of these talks.

My understanding is that all of those who voted for Obama has some type of discontent with the current president. Almost everyone I have spoken to about this, regardless of; race, age, fiscal standing, social standing; the opinion is all the same. Obama can't get over himself to negotiate with the house full of republicans, his bills are bat shit crazy, his shady background. All of these things are concerns I share. My biggest problem is that every Obama supporter always goes to the same cop out to make everything go away; "Bush left him with 2 wars and a failing economy."

If this, one day maybe, makes it to Barack, I would love for him to explain to me what president of these United States hasn't walked into office with some type of problem. Maybe one of you can explain that, but, I'm sure if it were allowed, Bush would have run for a third term. I am not a big fan of Bush personally but I still think his presidency was at the least 10 times more effective than that of Obama. Good ol' George isn't the most well spoken fella, but his politics spoke for themselves. This recession has been coming for 20 years, long before W., and the 2 wars we are in could be considered one since Iraq's government has been established, were in response to an attack by gutless martyrs that killed 2,977 innocent people. The 19 hijackers deserved the fate they suffered.

My next, and possibly biggest beef with Obama himself, is taking the credit and notoriety for the death of Osama Bin Laden and other high ranking al-Qaeda officials. First of all, the SEAL that pulled the trigger and shot the bullet that killed him was the man that killed bin Laden. Second of all, the surveillance that found Bin Laden was set up long before he was even a presidential candidate. I see not one person standing up and applauding Bush for engaging the teams of surveillance. Bin Laden's death was possible because of thousands of people; presidents, soldiers, and spies alike.

lastly, if anyone feels like Obamacare is a great idea for this country, move to Canada or France. Socialism is not welcome change I want in this country. Enact Obamacare and watch when your child develops an extremely rare disease or sickness, having to fly around the world to find the best doctors to fix him or her. The doctors in this country are so good at what they do because of the money they are paid. Regulate everything in health care and watch those doctors leave for the money. This is the greatest country in the world for a reason, Obama is trying to change that. Focus on the education system and then come talk to me about health care Obama.

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